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Daiwa Food - Umami

UMAMI Miso Based BBQ Sauce 2.15kg

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Description: Premium miso base sauce for BBQ.
This is suitable for both marinade & dipping (just a small amount is enough for dipping).

A good balance of richness of miso & sweet soy sauce will be loved by all your family. You will definitely feel like having BBQ from just smelling the sauce!

To marinate, use 50-60ml of the miso sauce per 500g of your meat and leave for 20-30 minutes. Please leave a long time if you use thick-cut meat.

*After opening the bottle, please keep it in the fridge and consume it as soon as possible.
Net: 2.15kg
Shipping Weight:  2.15kg 
  • Soy Bean Paste(26%), Sugar, Water, Soy Sauce{Defatted Soy Beans, Wheat, Salt, Soy Beans, Ethanol} , Alcoholic Brewed Seasoning{Rice Malt(Rice, Glucose, Salt, Grape), Dextrose, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, IsomerIzed Glucose Syrup, Alcohol, Salt, Water}, Spices(Ginger, Paprika, White Pepper), Sesame Seeds, Vinegar(Alcohol, Water), Mirin(Glutinous Rice, Malted Rice, Distilled Spirits), Garlic Paste, Salt, Sesame Oil, Modified Food Starch, Flavour Enhancer(621), Doubanjiang(Salted Chilli Pepper, Soy Bean Paste, Soy Sauce, Salt, Ethanol), Colour(150a), Red Chilli Paste, Flavour Enhancer(631), Bonito Soup Stock, Guar Gum, Yeast Extract [Contains: SOY BEAN, WHEAT, SESAME SEED, FISH]

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