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Daiwa Food - Umami

Umami Strong Pork Gyoza 12pcs (Dumplings・餃子)

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Cooking instruction:

Juicy & tasty pork gyoza with Japanese-style thin skins!!!
Enjoy the easy cooking Japanese-style pork gyoza at home.
12 pieces of gyoza perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Popular to enjoy with rice or noodles.
Japanese soy sauce and gyoza sauce are recommended.

    Youtube:  How to make Gyoza Tare (sauce) 0:57
    Shipping Weight:  300g


      • Plain Flour, Cabbage, Pork Mince (34.3%), Pork Fat Mince (17.2%), Onion, Garlic Chive, Oyster Sauce (Water, Oyster Extractives, Sugar, Salt, Flavour Enhancer (635), Thickener (415), Colorant, Wheat Flour, Acidity Regulator (330), Preservative (202), Garlic ((Garlic, Salt)), Flavour Enhancer (621), Rice Wine/Alcohol 1.44% (Water, Rice, Alcohol, Glucose Syrup, Salt), Sugar, Kelp Extract ((Kelp Extract, Corn Starch Syrup, Salt, Kelp, Flavour Enhancer (621, 635), Alchohol, Thickener (1422), Stabilizer (415, 412)), Ginger ((Ginger, Vinegar Canola Oil, Salt, Acidity Regulator 270)), Fish and Mushroom Extract, Salt, Chicken Stock (Corn Starch Salt, White Sugar, Yeast Powder, Evaporated Chicken Meat, Flavour Enhancer (621), (631), (627), Black Pepper, Chilli Powder. Allergen: Contain Fish, Gluten, and Seafood/Shellfish, and may contain traces of tree nuts.

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