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Daiwa Food - Umami

CHOYA Yume Wine 750ml

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Description :

CHOYA YUME WINE is a totally new sensation of Japanese plum wine. It is a secret blend of CHOYA’s signature Ume juice extracted from 100% Japanese-grown Ume fruits, pure Japanese grape wine, and sugar. It has a clean, smooth & light-bodied sweet flavour that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes sweet white wine such as Muscat or German Riesling. Best chilled in a fridge and drink it straight up in a wine glass. Serve as an aperitif or during a meal. Unwind your day with this trendy CHOYA YUME WINE.

The beautiful aroma of Ume fruit will take you on a dream trip to COOL JAPAN.

Manufacturer :
Origin : Osaka, Japan
Alcohol Vol : 8.9%  
Standard Drink : (Approx. 5.3 Standard Drink
Ingredients : Ume (Japanese plum) juice, grape wine & sugar

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