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Sun Tiger C No.100 Sharpening Stone - Grit 120 (Standard Size) - UMAMI Japanese Grocery

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Description: King Sun Tiger C No.100 now avaible at UMAMI. The Synthetic stone (Grit 120 grit)
A sharpening stone is made in Japan with a dimension of 205×50×25 mm is a perfect compact size for taking care of your knife. Instruction on how to use Sharoeung stone properly is: Soak the stone in water for 3 minutes before use and keep wet by sprinkling with water during sharpening.

Name of the company Matsunaga Stone Co.,Ltd. which was founded in 1948 in Osaka, Japan. They are one of the best-known manufactures of Japanese sharpening stones.
Material: Synthetic stone
Dimensions : Size 205 × 50 × 25mm
Net: Grit 120 (Standard size) 
Manufacturer: Sun Tiger 
Shipping Weight:  600g 

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